A week or two ago I posted an article called “Small Property, Big Dreams” in which I excitedly detailed my plans for turning my home property into a big buck haven. Well that dream has now, quite quickly, disappeared as a possibility. The property I live on is in fact rented, but I had high hopes that after renting for another year or so, I’d be able to work out a deal to buy it. So much for that…

I just recently found out that an Amish family in the community put in an offer on my home/property that was too good for my landlord to ignore, and even though we had the chance to match it, we just didn’t have the funds. So here I am, looking at a fourth move in just as many years. Needless to say I’m disappointed, frustrated and just plain bummed. I was really pumped about this property’s potential, and I was so happy to finally be able to hunt in one place for multiple years in a row, learn it and start managing. That’s all ancient history now though, so I suppose there’s no use dwelling on it. On to Plan B.

From here I only have one option, and that’s to go find new hunting ground (and a home for that matter)! So I’m keeping all my options open, with the number one priority being that I find a great piece(s) of ground that I can hunt for multiple years. I’m open to leasing, finding ground by permission or even buying.

So now I’m on the hunt again and not the kind I expected for this time of year. I figured my 2012 season would start with sheds, but now it looks like I’m on a much different journey and most likely one thats more expensive to boot!

That being said, I’ve got my fingers crossed that I can somehow land a property before the end of March so that I can get in some good shed hunting and scouting, and hopefully still have most the year to prepare. So while my hopes for my current property won’t be fulfilled, there’s no telling what new exciting times might be ahead of me on whatever new land I find. I’m not going to let this bring me down, and hopefully I can take the same philosophies I planned here and bring them to fruition on whatever ground I can get on in the future.

2012 is going to be a good season, it just has to be. While this certainly throws a wrench in my plans, I’m not going to let this stand in the way of my goal. The buck of my life is hitting the ground this fall, and no matter what property I’m on, that big dream can still become a reality.