The weekend is finally here, so without further delay, here is your Friday Morning Mashup! We’ve got some giant bucks and a few neat shed hunting articles too. And while it’s true that the “off season” is here,  there’s still plenty to keep whitetail hunters busy. So read up on this great whitetail literature and then go enjoy the great outdoors!

Giant Whitetails – A Trailcam Surprise – DreamDirt: Our pal Jason Smith of DreamDirt  got some trailcam pics/video of some GIANT Iowa bucks recently. Gotta love these kind of surprises!

Shed Antler Hunting Tips and Strategy – DreamDirt: Speaking of Jason, he also put together a great shed hunting article, which ought to be useful for a lot of people with shed hunting just over the horizon!

Search for Antlers – Brandon Wikman gives us his two cents on why you should hit the woods in search of fallen antlers! I’d recommend it as well.

We Found Them! G4’s Sheds – Midwest Whitetail Blog: If Brandon’s blog still didn’t get you excited to shed hunt, this one definitely will. Check out the MEGA-GIANT sheds that Bill Winke and his crew recently found off the buck they call the Double G4 buck.

Top 10 Recommendations for Managing Land to Yield Mature, Huntable Deer – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods discusses the first of his top 10 recommendations for managing land to grow more mature bucks. Specifically he discusses the fact that “dead deer don’t grow”! …Write that down.

Tall-Tined Indiana Giant Buck – 169! – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: A great story of an Indiana giant. These big buck stories are just what ya need to stay motivated through these cold winter months to keep working towards the 2012 season.