Today’s story comes from Derek Stahlman of Hallowed Ground Outdoors. HGO just won a Sportsman Channel award for best new show, and given the bucks they’ve put down this fall, I’d expect them to have a great season 2 as well! Read on for Derek’s tale of this big ole Missouri buck.- MK

“Well  this season started  fast and furious here in Missouri for myself and some of the other HGO pro-staff. I’d harvested a dandy 9 point buck on Sept 27 on one of my Outfitters Choice food plots. So by the time rifle season rolled around I was ready to get another weapon in my hand after being behind the camera for a month and a half. After a slow opening couple days with only seeing some young bucks I had to get back in the UPS truck and get those packages delivered.

But then I got the call from fellow HGO member Clay Lockard  and he’d  invited me to his family farm in north Missouri. After working it out with my boss, I  took a couple vacation days on the 17-18 and planned on hunting through the weekend. We started Thursday morning on a slew crossing with no avail. We saw just a couple small bucks crossing what was a beautiful slew, but we just weren’t seeing the doe’s or cruising bucks we thought we should for the mid november rut. So we pulled out about noon and headed to a known doe bedding area on the farm. To say this spot was thick was an understatement. It was made up of mostly CRP and cockle burrs, and Clay had a great shooting house set right in the middle of a 100 acre brush pile.

Right away we started seeing deer activity, a small buck walked by, then another, then another. About 2 hours into the evening hunt a questionable big 8 point came out chasing a doe. “Oh yea, this was the spot” I told clay. We were talking about taking him when he chased her back into the brush. I told clay he need another year any how, but honestly if we could have gotten more b-roll of him I would have harvested him. It wasn’t very long after that  when an unbelievable 2 1/2 year old 9 point walked right under the shooting house. We were busy admiring the potential of that particular deer when I looked across the cockle burr field and saw a huge framed deer walking right to left. I asked Clay what he thought an he said “Uhhhhh yes you can shoot him FOR SURE”! So while he was getting the camera on him I was getting the scope on my 270 Remington classic dialed in.

Once we got on the same page, the big 11 point stopped and with a nice high shoulder shot he dropped in his tracks. What a thrilling hunt. Harvested a 5 1/2 year old 151 6/8 inch 11 point, saw some great up and comers, chalked another kill up for Hallowed Ground Outdoors and enjoyed God’s creation with a great friend. Oh and clay missed a 4 1/2 yr old 145 inch 8 point the next evening. That place was on fire. No worries Clay, you’re a first class fella with a first class farm! (Just think what he’ll be next year). Everyone can catch all of this action on  Season 2 of Hallowed Ground Outdoors starting next July on The Sportsman Channel!” – Derek

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