With February now upon us, the unofficial start of shed hunting season is pretty much here! And with the ever growing interest in shed hunting, I’ve decided that we can do a better job here on Wired To Hunt of  showcasing some of the awesome sheds being found out there. So how do I plan to do that? With the Wired To Hunt Nation’s help of course!

What I’m proposing is this. If you find a cool shed this winter/spring, we want to feature it on Wired To Hunt! If you’d like your shed on the blog, send an email to wiredtohunt@gmail.com with the following items:

– A great picture or pictures of your shed. Preferably one of the pics would be of the shed as you found it in the wild.

– Details regarding the state you found the shed, the date of your find, and a description of the terrain where the shed was located.

Hopefully this will result in all of us being able to check out some awesome sheds, while also learning a little bit more about where/how sheds are found!

So with that being said, whether you are starting now or in a few weeks, get ready to strap on your boots and get walking. As a little bonus, whoever sends in the pic of the “coolest” shed (admittedly this will be pretty subjective), will win a Wired To Hunt trucker hat! Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise good luck shed hunting and I look forward to seeing what kind of monster bone you guys can find!