Here it is folks! As you probably already know, myself and the rest of the Wired To Hunt team had a pretty tough 2011 season. But on November 30th, Dustin Hotchkin was finally able to close the deal on a dandy Southern Michigan 8 pointer. Today, we bring you his story and in my opinion, it’s a great one.

This year was the first that I was able to get a group of guys together to try filming for the site, and it proved to be both incredibly challenging and rewarding. In the end though, watching someone like Dustin work so hard not only hunting, but also filming for Wired To Hunt was so exciting and greatly appreciated. I’m so proud of him and my whole team for working their butts off this season and I just want to send a big thank you to those guys.

So with that all being said, kick back and check out our episode today! I really think you’ll enjoy it.