Happy Friday Nation! The weekend is finally here and hopefully you’ve got plans to head out and enjoy creation over the next few days. It’s a great time to do some scouting, search for sheds or hunt some coyotes. So read on for a few good whitetail reads and then get on outside. Enjoy!

What Really Stinks – Non-Typical Hunter: Great article from Marc Anthony as he discusses some of the finer points of scent control. Do yourself a favor this year and work on improving your scent control regimen in at least one way this upcoming season. It will help, I promise!

Hunting A Dying Sport? I’m Not Buying It – Stuck In The Rut: Petersen’s Bowhunting Editor Christian Berg discusses why he believes that hunting isn’t necessarily facing a crisis in membership or interest.

The “Hooky” Buck – Justin Ramsdorfer – North American Whitetail: Here’s the profile of a dandy Pennsylvania buck taken by a college student skipping out on class! Good choice my friend.

5 Minutes with WCI QDMA President Chase Burns – Outdoor Freaks: Here’s a great interview with friend and fellow QDMA Deer Steward Chase Burns. Chase has become a terrific leader for the Quality Deer Management Association on the local level in Illinois and when you read this interview you’ll understand why.

The Cure for Buck Fever? Take A Practice Shot With The Safety One – Whitetail 365: Scott Bestul of Field & Stream walks us through his latest idea for controlling buck fever.