Shed season is officially here for myself and the Wired To Hunt crew and we kicked things off pretty early this year! This past Saturday I hit the woods with Dustin Hotchkin and my shed dog Booner in search of bone, and believe it or not, we found some! We woke that morning to a fresh coat of snow, and that put a serious damper on my hopes for sheds. But luck was with us, and after several hours of walking I came across my first shed of the year!

Where did I find it? Right in a fresh bed. We had been walking a number of bedding areas in between food sources, and this group of beds was on a small ridge near some pothole swamps. The shed looked to be pretty fresh and still had a little bit of blood and hair on the pedicle. While Booner didn’t actually find the shed himself, once we showed it to him he got pretty excited and I’m hoping this first find will fuel his fire for future shed hunts!

But even before Dustin and I had our fun, Ross Hausmann out in Iowa was finding bone in January! On the 28th Ross find a nice 5 point side, and then followed it up with four more on the 4th and 5th of February. These sheds were found in a cut bean field and in bedding areas on a few southern facing slopes. Once again, a couple textbook spots to find sheds. Identify those top food sources and nearby bedding areas and you should be in the bone!

Now that we’re almost mid-way through February the sheds are really starting to fall. From what I’ve heard across the midwest, it seems that we’re about 50/50 in regards to bucks shedding so far. I’ve seen a handful of shed bucks and half racks, but I also saw 5 antlered bucks this weekend too. If you’re hitting the woods now you’ve certainly got a chance, but things will only get better from here! 

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