Last spring I attended the 2011 Quality Deer Management Association Deer Steward course and became officially certified by the QDMA as a “Deer Steward”. Some of you may remember reading my thoughts about the course, but for those who hadn’t already heard – I loved it.

The amount of knowledge, insight and expertise shared during the Deer Steward course was truly incredible and it was an experience that I’ll never forget. After hearing from whitetail and land management experts such as Kip Adams, Joe Hamilton, Craig Harper and Grant Woods I felt a renewed vigor for pursuing my quality deer management efforts and I was armed with the tools to make it happen. That being said, if you’re interested in a full review of topics covered and my thoughts, check out my QDMA Deer Steward Course Review.

Now as great as the course was, the Deer Steward Courses are only held several times a year and in my case it was very far from home. The 13 hour drive down to Southern Missouri was well worth it for me, but for some people that kind of time/gas/travel investment just isn’t realistic. And thats why I’m excited about the new opportunity available this year for people to participate in the 2012 Deer Steward Course online!

According to the QDMA website, “Once registered, attendees gain access to a digital recording of one of our previous Deer Steward Level I courses (filmed in front of a live audience) and will have up to 180 days to complete the series of six sessions (broken down into approximately 17 one-hour topics) at their own pace…Just like the in-person classes, registrants must pass an exam (upon completion of the course)”

Speakers for the course include the following:

  • Kip Adams, Wildlife Biologist, QDMA’s Director of Education and Outreach
  • Dr. David Guynn, Professor Emeritus, Clemson University
  • Joe Hamilton, Wildlife Biologist, QDMA’s Director of Development
  • Dr. Craig Harper, Professor and Extension Wildlife Specialist, University of Tennessee
  • Dr. Karl V. Miller, Professor, University of Georgia
  • Brian Murphy, Wildlife Biologist, QDMA CEO
  • Matt Ross, Wildlife Biologist and Forester, QDMA Certification Programs Manager
  • Dr. Grant Woods, Wildlife Biologist/Consultant and President, GrowingDeer.TV

If you’re at all interested in exploring this opportunity, I would highly encourage you give it a shot. The Deer Steward Course is an incredible educational opportunity and I would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in taking their management efforts to the next level. If you can make the course in person, you’ll have a blast. But if that’s not an option, the online course is a great way to still take advanatage of the incredible knowledge the QDMA team has to share.

For more details or to register for an Online Deer Steward course, visit the QDMA website.