Yesterday my girlfriend and I did what most couples do on their typical Sunday afternoons. We oggled at monster whitetails. Typical, right? Well maybe Non-typical – but all puns aside, the two of us did in fact check out some giant bucks this Sunday at the Michigan Whitetail Hall of Fame Museum in Grass Lake, Michigan. I’d passed by the Hall of Fame quite often on the highway and always wondered what the museum might hold – and finally today we decided to check it out. I’m glad I did!

The Whitetail Hall of Fame is ran by a gentleman by the name of Craig Calderone – who interestingly enough has his 193″ Michigan Pope & Young record buck on display at the museum (pictured above). In addition to his own mounts, there were replicas of many other infamous whitetails taken over the years. One thing I really liked is that along with the mounts he also had all sorts of articles and news stories about each deer, so that you could read the history and story of each.  The museum, which was full of world class mounts, sheds and memorabilia,  also included a deer farm , where kids can feed the deer and experience the animals up close. Kylie got a kick out of touching a live deer for the first time. I’m much more interested in touching dead ones, but I’m glad she enjoyed it none-the-less!

Overall I thought it was definitely worth the drive to check it out, and for $5 bucks a person the price was right too. Here are a few pictures of the monster mounts we saw!

Troy Stephens Buck – #1 MI Typical

Milo Hansen Buck – #1 World Record Typical

Hole in Horn Buck – found dead – #2 World Record Non-typical

Mel Johnson Buck – #1 Pope & Young (archery) Typical