I am equal parts hunter and steward of the land. My joy does not only come from the succesful kill of a whitetail, but also from the improvements I can make to habitat and the nourishment I can provide the wildlife that inhabit it. The hours spent with binoculars and spotting scope watching velvet bucks in the summer are just as enjoyable as the days with bow in hand. I am a hunter, I am a steward and to be successful at both I need help from great tools. And over the past couple years, the nutritional supplement and attractant BB2 from Big & J Industries has become one of the most valuable tools of my trade. While there are many other options in the supplement/attractant market, I’ve found BB2 to be the best choice for me and my goals. So read on for my thoughts on the “power of the brown bag“.


First and foremost, I use BB2 as a nutritional supplement for my deer herd. As a practitioner of quality deer management, I’m constantly trying to find ways to provide the optimal nutritional sources for the deer in my area. Natural browse and food plots play a big part in fulfilling the nutritional needs of deer on my property, but to fill the gaps and provide additional important nutrients, supplements can be a great solution. That’s where BB2 comes in for me. Protein is incredibly important for the development of healthy does, fawns and bucks. It’s a key to bucks reaching their full antler potential and to the successful nursing of fawns. So by adding an additional strong protein source like BB2, which has an 18% crude protein content, you’re helping give your deer herd that edge it needs towards reaching an optimum level of health. While I haven’t been on a property enough years in a row to see for myself yet, I have heard many accounts of friends providing a year round supplement of BB2 and seeing marked increases in the average antler size for deer on their property. I’m not surprised by that at all, and I’ve certainly been happy with the health benefits that BB2 has been providing my local deer herd.


Another great benefit I’ve enjoyed from using BB2 on my hunting properties is the ability to take inventory of the local deer herd, and specifically the bucks. By placing BB2 in front of my trail cameras, I draw in the vast majority of deer in the area and capture pictures of them. This can be incredibly helpful when trying to determine the potential for bucks in a given area, create a hit list, or age bucks on the hoof. There are a wide number of different attractants that will draw deer into a camera location, and I’ve used many. But I’ve found BB2 to be my favorite because it seems to draw in deer from a wider range, it handles rain well, and it keeps deer coming back – even after the BB2 is gone.

I don’t have a scientific explanation for it – but BB2 just has a very strong scent and this seems to carry long distances and attract deer. While my study is very subjective, I’ve placed cameras out with corn in front of them and others with BB2, and it seems that I get larger amounts and more unique individual deer coming to my cameras with BB2. My only explanation for this is that more deer are catching wind of the BB2 and are coming from farther away.

I’ve also found BB2 to handle rain better than several other supplement/attractants I’ve tried. Again – I couldn’t tell you why this is off the top of my head. But on the BB2 website they explain, “rain has little effect on Big & J deer feed as water passes through the product allowing it to dry out to its original form without the crusting over common to other products. Rain actually carries some of the minerals into the ground and, once the products are consumed, the deer continue to visit the location just like a mineral-lick site.”

And that actually brings me to the last unique trait of BB2 – it seems to have a lingering effect. As described above, it appears that mineral seeps into the ground from the BB2 and I’ve found deer to consistently visit my BB2 sites to dig up the ground, even weeks after the supplement was last there! This has come in really handy when I’ve left cameras on distant properties and not been able to return and apply more BB2 for long periods.

Without a doubt, putting BB2 in front of my trail cameras has allowed me and the Wired To Hunt team to take better inventory of the bucks in our area. For example, team member Dustin Hotchkin captured hundreds of pictures of several shooter bucks chowing down on BB2 on his property (like the pic below) – including the dandy 8 point he ended up harvesting in November!


In addition to helping us photograph deer during the pre-season, BB2 also has a positive impact on our hunting success. I personally have used BB2 to help in my hunting on more of an inventory type way again. During the hunting season I use BB2 to get pictures, but these pictures help me identify where certain bucks are at certain times. This information can help me form patterns, and in fact several pictures I captured of a buck I called “Six Shooter” this past year were taken over BB2 and they helped me piece together his routine.

Now if baiting is legal in your state, BB2 can be a great option as well. I personally am not a proponent of this tactic, so I haven’t used BB2 in this way. But if that’s your way of hunting – the great attracting power of BB2 again makes it a good choice.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to nutritional supplements and attractants in the hunting industry, there are tons of choices. I’m sure most all of these work to some degree, and I’m sure I could enjoy some success with these products. But over the last three years I’ve found BB2 to be the best option for me as a deer hunter AND manager. It allows me to provide the important nutrition I want for the deer herd, while also the powerful attractant power I need to photograph and monitor the bucks in my area. Big & J’s BB2 has become my #1 option and I’d be confident recommending it to any one of my fellow Wired To Hunt Nation members.

For more information, visit the Big & J website