The ability to quickly and quietly set up a tree stand on the go is an incredibly important asset for me as a hunter. Quite often during a hunting season I’m going to need to sneak into a big buck hangout and quickly get up in a tree, all while remaining undetected. This year the Muddy Climbing Sticks became one of most important tools for me achieving this goal.

The Muddy Climbing sticks are one of the most unique pieces of hunting gear in the industry and have become incredibly popular for that reason.  There are plenty of different climbing stick or step options out there today, but all of them rely on the usual strapping system, in which you fasten a clip + strap around a tree and then tighten down in the conventional way. All of these options usually require a metal buckle or tightening mechanism at some point, and inevitably it is loud and sometimes hard to work with in the cold or dark. How many times have you had the dreaded ‘”Clang clang” echoing across the woods to your dismay?

 But in comes the Muddy Climbing Sticks and their unique “rope cam system”. With the Muddy sticks you just have a rope on each stick, this rope then wraps around the tree, gets slid into the “cam system” (utilizing a kind of chinese finger trap effect) and then is secured with a couple quick knots. It takes just moments to fasten a stick to the tree and it is completely silent. Completely. There’s no metal buckle on a strap to bang around, there’s no cinch that you need to keep trying to tighten. It’s just as easy as wrapping a rope round and pulling it tight.

Without a doubt these sticks are the quietest and easiest to set up sticks or steps I have seen or used. With a set of these sticks, I can get up into a tree in a matter of just a couple minutes. Sure beats the old screw in steps!

That being said, once the sticks are on the tree, there’s still more to be appreciated. One of my other favorite features of these sticks is that there are steps on each side of the stick. So rather than having a step on the left, than the right, then the left, etc – you can have steps on both sides and no matter what the situation you are in, you’ve got somewhere to put your foot! That may seem insignificant, but with other steps I have found myself stranded with no step before!

 Climbing into the stand again is silent and sturdy – so there are no worries about the actual functionality of these steps. Coming back down it’s the same story! And whenever you’re ready to pack up and move on, the rope cam system again lends itself to a silent and incredibly fast detachment from the tree. Being nice and light, the sticks strap together tightly and are then easily attached to my backpack for packing out of the woods.

Overall the Muddy Climbing sticks have become my favorite method of getting up into a tree. Being lightweight, quick to set-up and completely silent, I’ve found the Muddy Sticks to be the best tree step/stick available on the market – and without a doubt they’ll make you a more stealthy and successful whitetail hunter.

For more information, visit the Muddy Outdoors website