I read way too many hunting books and magazines and I watch way too much hunting TV shows and DVDs. So obviously, when the two of these mediums merge – I’m a sucker for it. That was certainly the case when it comes to the new book from Lee & Tiffany Lakosky – arguably the hunting industry’s most famous faces today (starring in The Crush w/Lee & Tiffany and numerous other hunting shows and DVDs). When I saw that the Lakosky’s were releasing a book about their strategies for harvesting mature whitetails, I knew I had to read it. So this January I pulled my hard back copy out of the mailbox, plopped down on the couch and settled in for a good read. Weeks later after having completed the book, I’m here to report back. We all know that Lee & Tiffany are some of hunting TV’s best – and now I’d say their success has translated well into the written world!

Their Story

While the title of this book claims to be all about hunting mature whitetails, the beginning of this book focuses on a few more personal issues to the Lakosky couple. Specifically the initial chapters delve into Lee & Tiffany’s early lives, how they met and how they eventually rose to hunting fame and fortune. While this certainly won’t help me shoot bigger deer any time soon, I still found the stories really interesting and I enjoyed getting this background. For anyone looking to get into the outdoor industry, I think their story can serve as an inspiration as well. Lee & Tiffany really came from nowhere, but they put their heart and soul into pursuing the dream and it all paid off in the end.


Now once we get through the story of how Lee & Tiffany became “Lee & Tiffany”, we arrive at the real heart of this book. Behind the scenes insight into how these two Iowa natives score on monster whitetails year after year. It might look easy on TV, and their consistency is ridiculous – but I’m going to let the cat out of the bag here. They don’t have a magic bean or some secret key to success. They grow, hold and hunt mature whitetails just the same as you or I do and can. With hard work, sweat and a lot of time.

Now all that being said, the Lakosky’s certainly have helpful tips to share and this book does a great job of bringing their incredible experiences and insights to the reader in a fun and easy to digest format. Topics discussed include foot plot strategies, low impact hunting, trail cameras, shed hunting and tree stand placement – along with a whole slew of others. I’d say there is a good mix of basic and more advanced topics covered and it made for an enjoyable and informational read. I definitely learned a thing or two, and the book was an easy enough read that I could see myself going through the various chapters several times over. Lee Lakosky especially is a true whitetail mastermind – and his methods described in this book are definitely worth a read.


Now as good as the content itself was, I thought the author and the Lakosky’s did a great job of presenting the material in an engaging and entertaining way as well. Across the entire book they do a great job of incorporating stories into almost all of the tactics or lessons learned they discuss. This makes for some enjoyable reading – while also making the topics stick a little easier. Additionally the book is nice and big, with plenty of great pictures as well! Who wouldn’t love a great big 8 X 12 picture of a giant racked buck and Tiffany Lakosky?

Now thats all well and good, but one very unique feature included in this book really set it apart for me. This was the inclusion of bar codes within the pages of the book. You can see an example of this in one of the pictures above, where you see Lee and a buck on one page and then a bar code in the lower right hand corner. For those of you who aren’t all that technically savvy, these barcodes are meant to be scanned by your smartphone! (You’ll need a “barcode scanning app”, which you can download from the Android or Apple app stores). When you scan a barcode, your phone will open up a YouTube video of the hunt being discussed within the book at that given time. How cool is that? It’s one thing to read about a hunting experience and lessons learned from it – but then being able to watch video of the hunt too just takes it to a whole new level. I found this to be a really fun addition to my reading experience, and it set this book apart from all other whitetail books I’ve read to date.

Final Thoughts

Lee & Tiffany Lakosky are two of the most accomplished, most admired and most entertaining whitetail hunters in the world today. With “Hunting Mature Whitetails the Lakosky Way” this incredible couple have taken their deep whitetail knowledge and shared it with the masses in the typical, fun, Lakosky way. In my opinion, this makes for a really enjoyable and interesting read!

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