If you’re at all like me – when reading reviews of hunting arrows you might have occasionally flashed back to highschool math or physics class. All this talk of  kinetic energy, grains per inch, lengths and weights and straightness measurements. This kind of information can be great for those that have a strong grasp of the intricacies of archery tackle – but for the average bowhunter I think a lot of this might sound just as clear as chinese! So with that in mind, I want to share with you a review of my hunting arrow of choice – the Carbon Express Maxima Hunter – the blue collar way. A review based on good old fashioned opinion and personal experience.

Now that being said, technical information is definitely important when making an arrow selection and it is in fact great technical prowess that makes the Maxima Hunter such a great arrow. So I will still start out this review with one short point regarding the more technical nature of why this arrow performs so well for me. Lets talk about “Dual Spine Weight Forward Technology”. It sounds fancy – but it does two simple but important things. By moving more weight towards the front of the arrow it allows the arrow to recover sooner from the oscillation that an arrow experiences upon launch, and because of this it more accurately guides the arrow to it’s target.

The best way to wrap your head around this idea is to imagine a paper airplane. If you throw that airplane by itself, it may flit and float down and away from you in a willy nilly fashion. But slip a paper clip onto the nose of your airplane and it all of a sudden moves with speed and with a purpose straight towards your target. That’s pretty much how the Dual Spine Weight Forward Technology works – and trust me it works. So with that technical mumbo jumbo out of the way – lets talk real world experience.

I’ve shot Carbon Express arrows my entire life and have been nothing but happy with them. This trend continued with the Maxima Hunters. I shot the Carbon Express Mayhem arrows for the past couple years and I have found them to be fast, accurate and hard hitting. I didn’t think it could get much better than that, but when I shot my first Maxima this past spring – I was blown away. Shooting at the same target, from the same distance – I immediately was getting several more inches of penetration with my Maximas than with my Mayhems (and the punch my Mayhems delivered was nothing to scoff at!). After firing several rounds of arrows down range I  began noticing a tightening of groups as well. While at 20 yards all of my arrows were pretty closely grouped, but where I started seeing a difference was when I stepped back to 40 and 50 yards. At these distances any little error in form or process can throw off the trajectory of an arrow, but I found that with my Maxima’s they helped cover for me a little. The weight forward nature of these arrows seems to help keep them on a course towards the target better than any other arrow I’ve tried – and it resulted in noticeably better groups at long ranges.

With the great speed and durability I’ve come to appreciate from Carbon Express – this cherry on the top of increased accuracy with the Maxima’s really sold me on this arrow. I’ve come to trust my Carbon Express arrows without question – and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend the Maxima Hunter arrows to any friend of mine. I didn’t end shooting a deer with my bow last year – much to my dismay – but when I do, I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on how the arrow performed in that situation. But I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that my experiences will be pretty similar to those I’ve had in the past with my other Carbon Express arrows. A good clean shot – and a dead deer.

If you are interested in more of the technical details about the Maxima Hunter arrows, visit the Carbon Express website