I’ve tried them all. The free version you get in the box – with more straps than you know what to do with. The big version that weighs you down like a bullet proof vest and the in-betweeners that have tried and just plain failed.

No, I’m not talking about the Christmas sweaters our Grandmas buy us every winter, I’m talking about safety harnesses. There have been an immense number of different types of harnesses released to the hunting market over the years, and more often than not they have become more a hindrance than a help. And unfortunately that has led to lot of people being hurt in tree stand falls because a harness was just too much of an annoyance. To be honest, I can’t say that I’ve never felt the same way. Sometimes the harnesses I wore were just a pain in the butt and an inconvenience.

But that all changed this year when I switched to a Muddy Safeguard Harness.  Rather than a nuisance, I’ve found my Muddy Harness to instead be a helpful and comfortable addition to my tree stand hunting system.  So what makes this harness different than the rest? Three words – light-weight, comfortable and easy to use.

Right away with the Muddy Harness you’ll notice it has a minimalist design. This results in it being the lightest harness on the market, coming in at 1.9 lbs! When you’re already wearing 4 layers of warm clothing, having a light harness becomes really important – as those layers and pounds really start to add up!

Being lightweight and having that minimalist design obviously then leads to being comfortable. And again, when you’re sitting in a tree stand for hours on end – that is incredibly important! I can honestly say, and many of my friends have made similar remarks, that when I wear my Muddy harness I forget it is there. It really has become another seamless layer of my hunting attire, and because of it’s smart design it never gets in the way. With a minimal amount of fabric/straps/etc the harness never makes it difficult to perform actions like drawing a bow or moving around on stand. It also has never hindered my ability to access pockets, grunt tubes, rangefinders, etc. The harness actually even features clips for binoculars, which makes using the optics that much easier!

Now as comfortable as the harness was, what really made it functional was how easy it was to use. We’ve all used harnesses in the past that took more time to untangle than you planned to sit in the tree! And you know what, that’s just not fun to deal with. My experience with the Muddy Harness has been the exact opposite. I have actually never once had my harness get tangled, and I honestly can’t explain how this works – but the harness is designed in such a way it just falls into place perfectly. To put the harness on you simply pull the straps on like a backpack, fasten the belt around your waist, and pull two straps tight around your legs. It takes less than 30 seconds and you’re set to go! Once you get in your tree, simply clip the strap on the back of the harness to your tree strap and you are safely and comfortably attached to your tree.

The Muddy harness is in my opinion, the most comfortable and overall awesome harness you can find today.  Explaining the benefits of a safety harness inevitably can be somewhat difficult to do – so I would strongly encourage you to just go out and try one on. I would be willing to bet that giving it a try just once will help you realize very quickly what a great product this is. No matter what your opinion is on different harnesses though – most importantly, make sure you always wear one. No amount of “inconvenience” is worth risking your life. But if you’re looking for a safe AND easy option – I’d recommend you “Go Muddy”!

For more information, visit the Muddy Outdoors website