As you many of you probably know, I read a lot – actually no – I read a crap ton about whitetails and deer hunting. Most of this reading comes at an expense – whether that be in buying a magazine or a book. But when great whitetail reading comes free – I’m particularly a fan. Tonight I’ve got a recommended piece of reading that is both free and very much worth your time. The Quality Deer Management’s Whitetail Report 2012.

Some of you may be already aware of this, but the QDMA releases an annual “Whitetail Report” covering trends, issues and research pertaining to whitetails in America. It’s a tremendous resource and a true gift from the QDMA to every deer hunter, manager and conservationist.

Included in this year’s report are the annual reports of deer harvest trends across the country, including antlered  and anterless harvest rates broken out by state, as well as harvest #’s broken down by age class. Very interesting stuff and I’ll give you a little spoiler alert here – when I took a look at the trend of 1.5 year old bucks being taken in Michigan, I got pretty ticked off. But that’s a whole other article.

As for other trends and issues included in the report are articles on cross bow use, women getting involved in hunting, the impact of coyotes on whitetails, the effect the upcoming changes in the Farm Bill could have on hunting, and much more. As for helpful research insights, topics such as regionally important deer forages, developing a whitetail harvest strategy, and a scientific look at how sex ratios adjust are featured.

Simply put, the QDMA’s 2012 Whitetail Report is well worth a read. Whether you are a practitioner of quality deer management or just like to shoot any deer in general – there are informative and interesting features in this report for you all!

So go ahead and download your free copy of the 2012 Whitetail Report by clicking the link below. Also at that link you’ll find the past three year’s whitetail reports for download as well – and each include a whole boatload of additional unique content. So check those out as well!

The QDMA’s Whitetail Report 2012