As much as I love this warm weather we’ve been having, it seems like we’re finally seeing the other side of the coin up here in Michigan. Severe thunder storms started popping up across the southern part of the state yesterday afternoon and as I hopped on the highway after work a tornado warning went into effect. While on the road the radio station reported a funnel cloud being spotted in an area just south of me. I looked left and there it was, slowly stretching down to the ground.

While I was able to hightail it out of there before the tornado touched down, several cyclones did end up ripping through south eastern michigan. There has been plenty of property damage reported, but luckily no one was seriously injured or killed. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those effected.

But with this wild weather behind us finally,  it’s time to turn the focus back to whitetails. Today’s Friday Morning Mashup contains a handful of articles about land and property management and as spring blooms, it is definitely  time to get working on your land. So read up and then get outside, theres work to be done!

The Real Dog Bone – Here’s an overview of a product I’ve really enjoyed using this winter, the Dog Bone. It’s a fake shed antler used to help train your dog to find sheds, and it’s come in super helpful for me and Booner in his training.

Monster Midwest Shed Antlers – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: Speaking of sheds, check out these monster bones. I especially like the giant shed found by the lab!

Top 10 Recommendations for Managing Land to Yield Mature, Huntable Deer – Part 8 and Part 9: In these two articles, Dr. Grant Woods discusses the impact predators have on deer management and hunting success. Definitely important to be aware of the impact that the increasing populations of predators are having on deer.

The Returns of Owning A Farm – Dreams To Reality: The Whitetail Properties team discusses several factors you should consider when looking at buying a hunting farm.

Reforesting Acres – Direct Nut Seeding – Midwest Whitetail Properties: Bill Winke discusses effective ways to improve your hunting property and reclaim forestless acres with “direct nut seeding”.