As has been the case recently – frantic days at the office have kept me from publishing the Friday Morning Mashup on time. But fear not – we’ve still got some great whitetail blog posts from across the web to share. So hopefully you all had a great weekend outdoors and now you can spend your Sunday evening reading up on the latest in the deer hunting world!

Tanners Take: The Vomeronasal Organ – Here’s an interesting article on whitetail biology, focusing on the “Vomeronasal Organ”. In short the vomeronasal organ is like  “a “sixth sense” that deer have to detect chemical signals in biological fluids, particularly urine, and that it serves a role in the sexual relationships of deer much like Viagra.”

Get Your Spring Food Plot Advice Here – Stuck In The Rut: This blog post features a podcast (online radio show) with Dr. Grant Woods. The topic is quite timely – that being spring food plot tactics and tips. There are few more accomplished foodplotters than Dr. Grant Woods, so be sure to give this one a listen!

QDMA Land Certification Program Info Interview with Matt Ross  – Outdoor Freaks: The Quality Deer Management Association has a very cool new program that helps land owners certify their property as being properly managed up to QDM standards, and this intereview with Matt Ross of the QDMA is a great intro to the program.

World Record 8-Point Update – Deer & Deer Hunting: Here’s the latest on the potential world record eight pointer killed this past fall in Illinois. If you haven’t seen this buck yet, take a look, pinch yourself and then look again. No you’re not hallucinating – it’s really that big.

Top 10 Recommendations for Managing Land to Yield Mature, Huntable Deer – Part 10 – Putting It All Together – Growing Deer TV Blog: Speaking of Dr. Grant Woods, here is his final post on the topic of managing land for mature, huntable deer. Great way to close the loop on a terrific series of articles.