It’s with great excitement that I’m announcing today two of our newest partners here on Wired To Hunt – Trophy Ridge and Wicked Tree Gear! Both Trophy Ridge and Wicked Tree Gear products have been vital to my hunting success over past years – and I’m thrilled that they’ll be officially joining the Wired To Hunt Nation.

Since I was about 16 years old I’ve used a Trophy Ridge arrow rest, and over that time it has not failed me yet! That being said, I’ve developed the utmost faith in Trophy Ridge products and have proudly recommended them for years. We’ll be trying some of their new options (both rests and other accessories) out this year, and I’ll be sure to share our feedback with you the readers! Here’s a little “sizzle reel” to wet your appetites for what I hope will be many more Trophy Ridge kills in 2012!

Wicked Tree Gear on the other hand is a company that is relatively new to the scene and new to me last year as well. But – I imagine many of you have heard of Wicked and their nasty awesome hand saws over the past few months. The Wicked Tree Gear Saw debuted to great acclaim, and I’ve already shared my glowing feedback on this essential whitetail hunting tool. We’re excited to partner with Wicked this year, and we’ll definitely continue to share our experiences using this tough SOB of a saw! If you haven’t seen or heard of the Wicked Saw yet, check out this quick video below.

All this being said, we’re very excited here at Wired To Hunt to continue partnering with top class brands in the whitetail industry that we know, love and trust. Big thanks to Trophy Ridge, Wicked Tree Gear and all of our other partners that have helped Wired To Hunt grow to become one of the largest independent whitetail only blogs in the world! Here’s to many more years of big bucks and great reads!