UPDATE 8/11/12: Paul Ryan HAS officially been picked as VP for Romney – Read More Here – Paul Ryan, Avid Deer Hunter, Picked As VP By Mitt Romney

It’s not often that deer hunting and presidential politics intertwine, but these are strange days and right now there are few politicians with more buzz than Paul Ryan, Wisconsin congressman and avid deer hunter! After helping Mitt Romney campaign in Wisconsion, the media is abuzz with rumors that Ryan may be a top pick as Vice President on the Republican ticket this November.

Now regardless of your political leanings, wouldn’t it be nice to see a hardcore deer hunter in the White House? Not only is Ryan a deer hunter, but he’s a good one too! In fact he has also been a member of the Quality Deer Management Association for 9 years as well. In a New York Times article, when asked about his favorite reading he responded, ” What I look forward to reading the most is Quality Whitetails Journal. It’s from the Quality Deer Management Association and gives insight on deer biology and habitat stewardship. I was planting clover this past weekend at my mom’s place in a rural part of Wisconsin. Yes, deer like to eat clover.”

According to a recent FOX News article, “Ryan, while not a lock, is seen as a natural complement in a GOP ticket that has Romney as the Harvard-educated financier at top and Ryan, who rose from working-class roots to chairman of the House Budget Committee, as a running mate. Ryan’s deficit-slashing budget proposals have helped make him a rising GOP star.”

Republican strategist Taylor Griffin, partner of Washington-based Hamilton Place Strategies also added, “The assumption, which is the correct assumption, is that Ryan would bring serious leadership. And whatever you say about Paul Ryan, he’s a serious guy.”

Interestingly, while the rest of the news media was busy buzzing about Ryan as a VP candidate this past Friday, he went out and knocked the air out of an Oklahoma gobbler! So I think it’s fair to say that not only is Paul Ryan a serious guy, but he is also a serious hunter. And I’m a fan of that.