I was greeted last night with a nice surprise as I discovered some great videos on my trail camera, but I was excited for a much different reason than I usually am. It wasn’t the deer I was excited about on this trail camera pull, rather it was the frequent turkey sightings that got my blood boiling! Turkey season is raring across most regions of the US, but here in Michigan we don’t get started til April 23 and I cam chomping at the bit.

As I’ve gotten more into turkey hunting over the past few years, I’ve found it  to be a really great time, a very good excuse to get in the woods during the spring and a good warm-up for deer season come fall. In my opinion turkey hunting can actually help you as a deer hunter in several ways…

1. It Forces You To Get Out In The Woods: It is super important to be out in the woods this time of year, just before the complete overgrowth of greenery that comes with summer erupts. Being out on your property now will allow you to spot sign and do some additional scouting before the plant growth covers up old trails, scrapes and rubs. Be sure to keep an eye out for this kind of sign and in those slow moments do some brainstorming about possible new stand locations or new spots for food plots and other habitat projects.

2. It Sharpens Your Killer Instinct: Any time you’re in the high pressure moment of making a kill shot, it tests your mettle and the more opportunities you have to do this, the more relaxed you’ll become. Hopefully with a couple turkey kills and lots of practice, you’ll have a slightly better handle on your buck fever this fall!

3. Turkey Hunting Can Strengthen Your Decision Making and Strategic Thinking Skills: Again, this is an example of exercising a part of your brain now – that you’ll need again come deer season. Strategically thinking about an animals behavior and how you can take advantage of this knowledge is a key to both deer and turkey hunting success. Assess what you know about the turkeys and habitat on your property, make assumptions based on that information and plan an attack. When it all comes together (which we hope it will), look back at how your decision making process worked out and how you might be able to apply lessons learned to upcoming challenges during deer season!

So all that being said I have two questions for you, the Wired To Hunt Nation. First, I’d be interested to see what percentage of you whitetail freaks actually like to turkey hunt as well?

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Secondly, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on how how turkey hunting can help you as a deer hunter. Please share your thoughts in the comments section!