Happy Friday Nation! Spring is in the air, turkeys are strutting their stuff, and the world is reawakening. I hope you’ve got big plans to go out and enjoy Creation this weekend and maybe even do a little bit of prep for this fall as well! If for some reason you’re stuck inside though, be sure to give the following articles a read – as they represent some of the best hunting related articles from the blogosphere this week!

Early Spring Could Mean Trouble For Deer This Fall – Big Buck Zone: An interesting piece from Outdoor Life which discusses the possible negative side of having such a early warm spring.

An Introduction to Outdoor Photography – Bowhunting.com: While not strictly deer hunting related, my pal Cody Altizer does a great job describing some basic outdoor photography tips that would help any aspiring hunter turned photographer/videographer.

Wisconsin’s “Deer Czar” Releases Preliminary Report – Whitetail365: Wisconsin hired Dr. James Kroll (well known whitetail biologist, and contributor to North American Whitetail and TV) to help analyze the state of the current Wisconsin deer population and determine a proper course of action. Here’s a summary of his initial findings.

Turkey Hunting Basics: “A Beginners Guide to Chasing Long-Beards” – Bowhunting.com: If anyone was inspired by our post yesterday about how turkey hunting can help you as a deer hunter, this is the article for you.

Bucks or Birds. Which Is Tougher? – Brow Tines & Backstrap: An interesting look at the age old debate – which is a tougher hunter, deer or turkeys?