I’m a deer hunter first and foremost- but I really have come to love turkey hunting. And as was demonstrated by our poll last week, it appears that many of you do too! That being said, I had to share a short story form this weekend thats a little more turkey related than we usually are.

My turkey hunting season here in Michigan opens up one week from tomorrow, and over the past week or so I’ve been getting the itch and have started some early preparations. I’ve been shooting the bow, glassing some fields and yelping away on the old slate call. But one of the most rewarding forms of preparation so far has been the work I’ve been doing with trail cameras this spring.

I run trail cams all the time for deer, but this spring I decided to use them to better understand when turkeys were visiting certain areas of my property. I did this by placing cameras in likely locations for action and then sweetened the deal by adding a combination of corn and BB2 in front of the camera. Because in this scenario I’m really only using the BB2 right now as an attractant for the turkeys, I’ve mixed it with corn to help increase the longevity of my BB2 supply. With a two parts corn, one part BB2 mixture I’m being conservative, but am still getting the strong scent and taste that attracts deer and turkeys like crazy.

So far this combination has been working like clockwork, with a boat load of different hens, jakes and toms coming into the camera on a consistent basis. I’ve gotten loads of trail camera videos and pictures, and I’ve now got a good idea of when these locations are prime for the turkeys in my area.

Now as great as this little strategy is – it seems to have backfired a little bit! Yesterday AND today (Sunday) I wanted to sneak out to a back corner of a corn field behind my house and put up a pop up blind. And on both occasions that I snuck out to this location, I’ve popped over a hill to find turkeys everywhere! Yesterday there were four gobblers strutting along my creek and heading towards the camera location. And then again today, I thought I was in the clear – when I got about 50 yards from my planned location for the blind and two toms came strutting out into the field. My blind prep hijacked at the last moment again.

So while my trail camera tactics have certainly been a success in regards to figuring out where the birds are, I now just need a trick to find out when the birds aren’t there, so I can finally get set up!

For more information on Big & J’s BB2 supplement and attractant – visit the Big & J website.