What is the Whitetail Slam? Have you heard of it? Over the past few months I certainly have been hearing a lot, so finally I had to look further into it and I’m hear to report back.

That being said, in a nut shell, the whitetail slam is a challenge to recognize the accomplishment of harvesting a buck in each of the 8 major whitetail subspecies across North America.

Now that being said, I don’t really know who this “challenge” is sanctioned by. From what I can tell the Whitetail Slam isn’t something being developed by a major association like the Boone & Crockett Club. Rather I’m guessing it is the creation of a hunting media or manufacturing company or group of companies. But regardless of it’s genesis, it’s an intriguing idea.

I think the first thing about this “Slam” that interested me was the declaration that there were 8 different subspecies of whitetails in North America that are different enough to target uniquely. After further research, I found that according to experts there are actually some 30 subspecies of whitetails across North and South America. Now from those 30, the Whitetail Slam has narrowed it down to 8 that will be officially recognized – and the process of how this was determined is outlined below…

“Along with renowned whitetail biologist Dr. Harry Jacobson, Certified Wildlife Biologists Kip Adams and Brian Murphy of QDMA, Whitetail Slam created 8 subgroups in keeping with historic subspecies distribution theory, but also with consideration of habitat, climatic and other factors that have caused deer in these areas – and the hunting experience – to be distinctive.”

The chosen 8 are highlighted in the map below.

Next I was a curious to better understand the Why behind the creation of the “Slam” and their website described the reasoning as the following –

“Until recently, collecting whitetails has been mostly about collecting antlers. But our collective consciousness of the diversity of deer hunting, habitat and the varied whitetail characteristics has risen. Today, more than ever, hunters have begun to recognize the uniqueness of regional whitetail groups and the intrinsic value and worthy pursuit of a each. Whitetail SLAM’s mission is to organize and recognize these achievements – the Whitetail Slam.”

In my opinion it seems like it’s a worthy enough mission, and there are a few perks in it for hunters that work towards a “Slam” as well.

  • “Register any 4 bucks and earn a Whitetail SLAM.
  • Register all 8 bucks for the Ultimate Whitetail SLAM.
  • Hunters Achieving the Whitetail SLAM or Ultimate Whitetail SLAM will be honored with a framed certificate of achievement and entered into the Whitetail SLAM archive and annual publication in the year they register their SLAM, and will receive an official “SLAMMER” achievement package commemorating their successful completion of the Whitetail SLAM or Ultimate Whitetail SLAM.
  • These successful hunters may also be recognized on Whitetail SLAM TV, magazine, website or other Whitetail SLAM features for their accomplishments and dedication to mastering the skills of the hunt.”

So in short, there’s the scoop on the “Whitetail Slam”. That being said, what do you think? Would you be interested in working towards an ultimate whitetail slam?

For more details, check out the Whitetail Slam website.