Shoot or don’t shoot. That’s the million dollar question, right? When the moment of truth arrives and the buck steps into your lane, do you slowly squeeze the trigger or do you watch him walk on by.

The answer to that question is very different for every single person, and in many cases for unique reasons. And because of that – I wanted to try something here on Wired To Hunt over the coming months. We’ll post a picture or two of a buck, with a few details – and then you tell us your gut reaction. We’ll post some pics of giants, some on the small end and some that are “tweeners”. Standards for bucks vary widely – and in my opinion there is no right answer. But none the less, the question is still an intriguing one. Shoot or don’t shoot?

Now that being said – a yes or no answer may not tell the whole story, so please post your explanation for your decision in the comments section too!

So today – the Shoot or Don’t shoot decision is for this pictured buck in Northwest Iowa, photographed near the end of October. What would you do? Shoot or don’t shoot?

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