If you’re looking for an escape to turkey hunting land and you’re stuck at work or at home – there may be no better way to get your fix than to check out the new online show from the Midwest Whitetail crew, Spring Thunder. I figure with it being Thursday and lots of us heading to the woods this weekend to chase those jelly heads, a quick turkey hunting vid might do us all well! I’ve watched a couple episodes so far and really enjoyed them. See below for a few quick hits on the new show and then check out the latest episode in the video player! Good luck this weekend if you’re heading out!

  • Spring Thunder is a semi-live turkey hunting show designed to both entertain and educate
  • With a large pro staff across the nation, the content is always packed with the most recent action and reports on the latest turkey hunting news.
  • Aaron Warbritton, a turkey calling champion, produces and hosts the series.
  • Similar to the format of Midwest Whitetail, Spring Thunder gives the viewer fresh updates on what the turkeys are doing in each part of the country in a real-time format.
  • New episode airs each Wednesday at www.midwestwhitetail.com