Happy Friday Nation and thank goodness it’s here. It was a busy week for me – but not in the usual way. This past 7 days or so I’ve been pretty well fixated on turkey hunting, as you may have noticed from some of the blog posts recently! Our season opens in just a couple days and I am raring to go. But rest assured – whitetails are still on the brain and today we’ve got some great deer hunting blog posts for your reading pleasure.

In addition – given the recent media hysteria over our most out-spoken deer hunter, Ted Nugent, we’ve got some updates and interesting coverage from a number of hunter publications with a slightly different angle than your typical news network coverage of The Motor City Man. Let it be known that my girlfriend refused to give me a kiss good night today, because she claims that my talking about Nugent On Wired To Hunt occasionally is too controversial!

Deer Science: How Many Does Do Young Bucks Breed? – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer Blog: Do mature bucks do most the breeding? You might be surprised to see the scientific research that answers this question.

Real Work Lies Ahead for Wisconsin Deer Hunting Makeover – Bowhunting.com: Another update on the status of the drama in Wisconsin as Dr. James Kroll – “Deer Czar” – outlines more thoughts on the state of the Wisconsin whitetail situation.

He’s a Booner in My Book! – Deer & Deer Hunting: A great article from John Eberhart discussing how the “size” of a buck may not be an accurate representation of the challenge a buck represents or the skill it takes to kill him. A 2.5 yr old, 100″ highly pressured buck in a state like Michigan, may be much harder to kill  then a 3.5 yr old 140″ buck in in Iowa!

Ground Truths with Tony Hansen – Open Country: Tony Hansen gives us an introduction to his upcoming blog on the joys of public land hunting and the importance of public land opportunities for the future of hunting.

The Latest on Uncle Ted

Nugent Goes Nuclear: 5 Questions With Uncle Ted – Stuck in the Rut: As most of you know, Ted Nugent has been in the news quite a bit lately. Here are some interesting questions from the Petersen’s Bowhunting Mag crew for Ted regarding the election, hunting and politics.

Absolute Nugent – Stuck In The Rut: More on the Nugent drama this week – as Patrick Meiten shares his opinion on Nugent, his impact on the public opinion of hunters, and everything in between.

Truth Meter: Romney Camp is Lying About Nugent – Deer & Deer Hunting: Some bold accusations from the Deer & Deer Hunting Staff about Mitt Romney and Ted Nugent’s endorsement of him.