If only one single tip I share with you on food plots this spring sinks into your skull – let it be this one. If you’re going to plant a food plot – you must, I repeat – must, get a soil test done.

In the past, I’ve covered plenty of reasons why you should get a soil test – in fact in an article last year I detailed 4 Reasons Why A Soil Test Should Be On Your Bucket List. It’s definitely worth a read! But today – I want to make a slightly different point. Getting a soil test is easy. It’s simple. It’s fast! If you want a succesful food plot, there really is no good reason not to get one done.

I feel so strongly about this – that I thought I ought to highlight 3 other commonly completed projects that actually take longer and are way more of a pain to get done than a soil test! Read on my friends…

1. Washing The Dishes: I don’t like doing the dishes one bit. But despite my general dislike for it – I still have to do them. It’s about a 10 minute project, but it gets done and it’s done often. On the other hand, getting a soil test is much less “gross” than the dishes AND it can be done in less time! Take a small scoop of dirt from your plot … 1 minute max, and that’s if you operate on the slow side of things. Empty that scoop of dirt into a small bag – another few seconds. Walk back to your home, vehicle, etc and place a stamp on the outside of your package. Write the address of your test facility of choice and place in the mail. Andddd…you’re done.

2. Picking Up Dog Poop In The Yard: This was a task I used to dread as a child. Now – as an “adult”, I’ve found that it can be enjoyed with the use of the full length, single hand operated pooper scooper – accompanied with beverage of choice in other hand. BUT – it’s still not a terribly fun task and it takes 15+ minutes to accomplish when you have a 60 lb lab popping a squat all over your carefully manicured lawn. So if you think bagging up some dirt from your plot is a pain – think of the alternatives. At least it’s not crap!

3. Understanding What She Means By “It’s Fine”: This is a project that may not actually be completeable – so we’ll call this one a trick question. But let’s be honest – no matter how long or how hard you try, you’ll never really know what she means in a particular instance. For example, I ask her – “Honey, is it ok if I go to Iowa for a week and deer hunt?”. She looks at me, narrows her eyes and sharply replies…”It’s fine.” I may not know exactly what she means by that,  but the only thing I can guarantee for sure is that it’s not really “fine”. (Can anyone relate? haha) On the other hand, a soil test is simple and easy to understand. You send it away and it comes back with clear and concise answers. As an added bonus, it will never bite your head off. I promise.

So there you have it. If you thought a soil test was bad, I’ve now pointed out 3 other projects that you probably take on, that are both more time consuming and more painful. So what are you waiting for?

Go take care of the soil test, plant a killer food plot and bag the buck of a lifetime. Feel free to thank me later!