Over the past several years, The Quality Deer Management Association has been collecting and analyzing a variety of whitetail harvest data from across the country. In the most recent QDMA Whitetail Report, I had to read through a very interesting and ultimately depressing analysis of the age structure of buck harvests in 2010 (the most recent data available). What I found was rather damning for my home state of Michigan. We have the absolute highest percentage of 1.5 year old bucks killed in the country. 64%. Yes you read that right, 64% of all the bucks harvested in 2010 across the Great Lakes State were long legged, spindly antlered, clueless yearling bucks. But – my thoughts on this latest prestige to grace my homeland will be saved for another day. For now – let’s get to my state’s partners in crime. Below, feast your eyes upon the other 4 states with the highest percentage of yearling bucks harvested – AKA the worst states for harvest of mature bucks. If you live in one of these states, I encourage you to consider the benefits of passing on yearlings and targeting older bucks instead. The QDMA website has tons of great information on this very topic! And if you live in any other state than these, I’d recommend you count your blessings!

States With Highest % of Yearling Bucks Harvested

1. Michigan – 64%

2. New Jersey – 59%

3. New York – 55%

4. Maryland – 53%

5. Virginia – 49%