Last week I highlighted a set of data from the Quality Deer Management Association’s 2012 Whitetail Report, which detailed the states with the highest rates of yearling bucks being killed. Given that these states had the highest % of yearlings killed, we deemed them the worst states for the harvest of mature bucks. On the other hand, the QDMA’s data also showed the states with the highest percentages of mature bucks being killed – and the top five could then be considered the 5 best states for the harvest of mature bucks. I’ve shared this list below – and some of you might be a bit surprised by a few of the states included on this list. But let me share one disclaimer, not all states provided data for this study, those missing include the likes of Iowa and Illinois. That being said, below are the 5 states harvesting the greatest percentage of mature bucks in 2010 (the most recent data available).

States With Highest % of Mature  Bucks (3.5 yrs+) Harvested

1. Arkansas – 68%

2. Louisiana – 65%

3. Texas – 59%

4. Kansas – 56%

5. Oklahoma – 51%

Anyone surprised? For those that hunt in these states – do these numbers ring true to you?

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