Can you believe it’s already May? Seems like just yesterday I hung up the bow after my last hunt of the 2011 season – and now I’m already getting ready to plant food plots and hang stands for 2012! Only 150 days til I can draw first blood in Michigan and boy does that get me excited. But in the interim, I’ve got to first take care of some turkey hunting business this weekend. My season opened last week Monday, and I’ve had a lot of great encounters in the couple days that I’ve been able to hunt. I’ve had some very close calls, and hopefully I can finally close the deal over the course of these last three days!

But regardless of that, I’ll still have plenty to do in the coming weeks – as my preparation for the upcoming season continues to ramp up. The blog posts this week in the Mashup definitely fall in line with that idea as well – it’s time to really get to work. Food plots, scouting, stand prep, new property acquisition – there’s lots to be done. So read up on some of this great whitetail reading, and then get to it!

Food Plot Planting Calendars – Growing Deer TV: The alway helpful Dr. Grant Woods shares with us his thoughts on a basic food plot planting calendar, including what needs to get done and when!

The Basics of Planting Food Plots: It’s All In The Dirt – Big Buck Zone: Another great food plot article from a wildlife habitat expert, this time it’s Craig Dougherty of North Country Whitetails. If you’re looking to get started with food plots, there are some great tips here for ya.

The Best I’ve Seen: Top Hunters & Gun Shots – Dan Schmidt’s Whitetail Wisdom: Dan Schmidt of Deer & Deer Hunting fills us in on who he believes is the best TV hunter, best gun shot, and more!

Hang-and-Hunt: A Mobile Treestand Tactic for Whitetails – Whitetails 365: Dave Hurteau of Field & Stream details in video a strategy that I’ve come to really enjoy – the hang and hunt. Or as I call it, run and gun strategy.

Hang-and-Hunt: What You Need to Hang a Stand Fast – Whitetail 365: Part Two of the Hang & Hunt video series from Dave Hurteau takes a look at the equipment you need to successfully pull off this tactic.

Hang-and-Hunt: Hang a Treestand in 7 Minutes – Whitetail 365: Finally in Part 3, Hurteau shows that you can use sticks and a hang on stand to get up in a tree and ready to hunt in 7 minutes!