I’ve been a PSE guy for many years – and while I am branching out this year and trying out some other brands, I couldn’t NOT try the premier PSE model for 2012 – the Dream Season EVO. Ever since the original Dream Season EVO was released last year I’ve been dying to get my hands on it – and after hearing a years worth of great things I’m stoked to finally have one to fling some carbon with.

From all accounts I’ve heard, this is the smoothest and most shootable of PSE’s speed bows yet – and based on my very earliest impressions it seems like that could very well be true. While I haven’t got a sight on it or shot it yet, I can attest to that very smooth draw cycle – which is significantly smoother than my older PSEs.

Without a doubt the DS feels good in the hand, and has a bit more heft than my old PSE Bow Madness, as this bow comes in at a solid 4.4 lbs. I wouldn’t say it’s a negative yet, but it is over a half pound heavier than my Bear Anarchy that I’ll be reviewing as well. We’ll see how that factors in when shooting.

This bow also has a 6″ brace height, which is on the short end of things – so I’m very interested to see how forgiving and accurate it can be. Lord knows I need all the forgiveness I can get! haha. That being said, while 6″ is a short brace height typically associated with a fast/unforgiving bow – I’ve heard much to the contrary in the case of the DS EVO, so I’ll be sure to pay close attention to this and share my thoughts.

Last, as you can see from the pics – this is one “bad” looking bow. As in bad $$$. I’ve always been a fan of the aggressive look of the PSE’s and the Dream Season continues that trend. The black and red color scheme is pretty killer in my opinion as well.

We’ll have more pictures and thoughts once I’m able to get all the bows out and shooting!

Visit the PSE website for more details.