Today at 12:00 CST Deer & Deer Hunting will premiere their first episode of “Deer Talk Now”, a one hour interactive online talk show hosted by Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks of D&DH Magazine.

According to D&DH’s website,  “Deer Talk Now will feature special guests, questions from viewers and discussions about new hunting gear, habitat, hunting tactics, deer biology, hunter ethics, issues and more”. All that being said, to kick things off today, Deer Talk Now will feature one heck of a special guest – Ted Nugent!

As we all know, a conversation with Ted Nugent always has the potential to get “interesting” – so I’ll definitely be tuning in to hear what The Nuge has to say. Also keep in mind, that this is interactive and all viewers have the opportunity to submit questions for the hosts and Ted! I’ve been told that viewers that submit questions will be put into a drawing for a number of different prizes as well, including this week – an autographed photo of Nugent.

To watch Deer Talk Now, follow the link below at 12:00 CST. Enjoy!

Watch Deer Talk Now