Happy Friday! The good times got kicked off a little early for me last night, as I had some buddies over to watch some of the new Realtree and Drury DVDs, have a cold beverage and set up a couple new bows. We got some awesome new Trophy Ridge accessories on the rigs and had a good time testing them out. Needless to say, I can’t wait to get these bad boys out in the field. On top of shootin, I’ll also be doing some prep work on a few food plots in the coming days! Should be a busy but fun weekend and I hope the same can be said for yours too. In your free time, be sure to check out the whitetail blog posts below from across the web. We’ve got some helpful food plot tips, a great recipe, and much more!

Expert Deer Tips: The Difference Between a Basic and Advanced Food Plot – Big Buck Zone: Some in depth ideas about taking your food plots to the next level from Craig Dougherty.

Removing Your Bow Quiver Will Make You A Better Shot – Meitin’s Bow Blog: A case is made against shooting with your bow quiver on…I’m on board with this one! I always take mine off.

Public Land Hunting in the Big Woods – Daniel Schmidt’s Whitetail Wisdom: Some great tips on how to effectively hunt the big woods.

Will Dominant Bucks Dominate the Breeding? – QDMA.com: Kip Adams discusses the common idea that mature or dominant bucks will breed the most does. Is that the case though?

Foodie Friday: Parmesan Venison – Deer & Deer Hunting: A tasty looking recipe for some of last years venison!