And…..we’re off! With a bang this weekend, my food plot work began and we’re officially off to the races. Friday afternoon my shipment from Whitetail Institute arrived with about 2 acres worth each of Imperial Whitetail Clover and Winter Greens! The farm I live/hunt on is in soybeans this year, so my plan with these food plots is to provide a large and attractive food source for September – December to keep deer on my property after the harvest of the beans. With that in mind, I’m planting 1-2  acres of clover to provide that attraction from September – November, and then once a good hard frost hits in late October/early November my Winter Greens brassicas will become the hot item to carry me through the end of the hunting season. With my plan set, we got to work this weekend.

The one issue for me currently is that I don’t have the equipment necessary to carve out large food plots. I’ve done some small ones with Round Up and a push roto-tiller,  but 3-4 acre’s of food plot making requires some more substantial equipment. Luckily, I have a few friends with just the right tools who are actually getting into the business of helping people put in plots. Travis and Tyler Cortright were kind enough to come on down to my farm and help me out and step one was cutting down the current vegetation. A brush hog pulled behind a tractor does wonders on an overgrown field.

Once we had the two fields cleared out it was time to spray down the fields with weed/grass killer to knock out any competition for my soon to be planted food plot. In the past I’ve used a 4 gallon backpack sprayer to clear my plots, but a ATV sprayer like these guys had makes much quicker work than I ever could have done. In just a few hours work, we had about 3.5 acres of field cleared, sprayed and ready to roll.

We’ll now wait about a week for the chemicals to kill off the rest of the vegetation and then it will be time to till up the ground. Once we’ve worked the dirt I’ll be able to work in the neccessary fertilizer and lime, followed soon after by seeding! Hopefully in a matter of weeks I’ll have some fresh green plants popping up and my plans for a succesful 2012 hunting season will be one step closer to fruition!

On a side note – if you’re in Southern Michigan and need help getting your food plots in, call Tyler or Travis Cortright at the following numbers…

Tyler – 517-425-9294   Travis – 517-425-7874