Many times when the word “management” comes up in a deer hunting conversation, one of the first topics of discussion is food plots. You certainly can’t argue that they are a hot button item in the whitetail world today. But as popular and effective as they are, they aren’t the only name of the game when it comes to habitat management for whitetails and other creatures. Unfortunately, the lion’s share of articles, books and resources out there today focus almost entirely on the food plot portion of management, while ignoring all the rest. The aptly titled “Deer & Turkey Management Beyond Food Plots” is the exception to this rule though – and that’s a big part of why this book has earned a lifetime spot on my deer hunting book shelf.

This book, we’ll call it “DTM Beyond Food Plots” for short, truly shines because of its focus on almost all aspects of habitat management that are relevant to whitetail hunters. To set the playing field, DTM Beyond Food Plots initially discusses high level ideas such as understanding your current property condition, setting realistic goals and budgets, and identifying limiting factors on your property and the surrounding areas. Then later in the book specific strategies are examined such as forest management, improving natural forage, supplemental feeding and minerals, and predator management. It’s truly an exhaustive list of categories covered and authors Kent Kammermeyer & Reggie Thackston do a great job of arming knowledge hungry hunters like us with the info needed to make an impact on our properties.

Now as great as that is – what I found to be possibly the most unique and helpful were the detailed species profiles on various trees and plants that can be used to improve habitat. Very thorough information is provided on various oaks, fruit trees, shrubs and other mast producing plants that can benefit wildlife. I personally found great value in the very detailed information provided on various apple trees and the instruction on how to properly plant and manage these for deer. I’m planning on putting in a few apple trees throughout my property and the information in this book will be a huge help.

Overall DTM Beyond Food Plots is a very well put together book that discusses important aspects of habitat management that are often ignored. Thorough species profiles, great color pictures and a well rounded approach to analyzing and then improving habitat for wildlife have made this book a resource that I have and will continue to reference often. If you’re looking to improve more on your property than just food plots, I’d highly recommend picking up a copy!

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