Last year Deer & Deer Hunting magazine broke a controversial story claiming that a Wisconsin whitetail killed in 2006 by a Johnny King should be the new typical world record. Hysteria in the whitetail scoring world ensued and a chain reaction of events was set off – all around whether or not the Johnny King buck is or is not a world record. In short, the issue in question is whether one of the tines is a typical or abnormal point. This differentiation determines whether the rack can be scored as a typical or not – and if it can be scored typical, it would net out as the new typical world record.

Since then it’s been quite a rollercoaster, with numerous “statements” being released by various parties such as the Boone & Crockett club, the eventual firing of two official B&C scorers, and a final decision by the Club not to recognize the Johnny King buck as a typical. You can visit my post last year to get the details on how all this began…

The Johnny King Buck – Is This The Real World Record B&C Typical?

Now a recently released video, first posted on Deer & Deer Hunting, shows Wisconsin Bear and Buck scorer Marlin Laidlaw detailing exactly how he scores the buck and why it should be judged a typical and the world record. If you’ve followed this story at all, I think you’ll find it pretty interesting to see exactly how and why the Johnny King buck’s claim has been made as the world record challenger.Enjoy!