June is here! It’s certainly a beautiful time of year as new crops are blanketing the fields with rippling waves of green, and new born fawns have or are dropping as we speak! Not only is it a gorgeous outside, but we’re clearly moving closer to hunting season – in fact only 122 days remain until our Michigan bow opener! 122 days may sound like a lot, but trust me – it will be here before we know it! That being said, as we do every week, here are a handful of great whitetail blog posts from across the web. Hopefully a few of these can help you prepare for the fast approaching season or at least help you pass the time until our favorite months of the year!

Some Numbers Behind Whitetail Antler Point Restrictions – Big Buck Zone: The antler point restriction proposal here in Michigan has made the rounds and now it’s popping up  on the Outdoor Life website – as the Big Buck Zone blog describes the proposed restrictions and the benefits expected, as well as results from a few other states.

Make Your Bow Shoot Better With A Drop-Away Arrow Rest – Meitin’s Bow Blog: A in depth look at how moving to a drop-away arrow rest can significantly improve your accuracy. I’ve switched this year to the Trophy Ridge Revolution drop-away and I can definitely already see a difference in my groups!

Maine Governor Signs Bill To Rebuild Whitetail Herd – Whitetail365: The recent whitetail population concerns in Maine seem to have finally attracted some attention, as real change is going into effect. Now this is “Hope and Change” that I can believe in!

3D for Better Bowhunting – Stuck In The Rut: More great bowhunting prep tips from Patrick Meitin. This time the merits of 3D target shooting and competitions as practice for bowhunting is discussed!

Why We Can’t Manage Deer Genetics – QDMA.com: “Cull bucks” and “taking him out of the gene pool” are commonly heard phrases in hunting camps these days, but modern biology and research is showing that we can’t really manage genetics of wild deer herds! The Quality Deer Management Associations Lindsay Thomas walks us through why this is the case!