One of my favorite times of year is officially here. Velvet season. With the calendar finally saying June, I really feel like we’re in summer and summer for me means preparing for the fall and glassing velvet whitetails.

With lush green growth blanketing the fields, the whitetails are streaming into the open and for  a few short months will let us watch them as they put on their head gear for the fall. I love my summer evening drives, searching the fields for bucks and the excitement that follows when a giant is spotted in the distance. Usually I start hitting the roads in July when most bucks have their frames developed and you can really start seeing what a buck will look like – but my excitement has gotten the better of me this year, and already this weekend I decided to take a “velvet drive”! Good thing I did though, because it ended up being worth it! In about a half hour we saw about 13 bucks, including a couple that were already looking real wide and will definitely be shooters. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to be looking like in a month or two!

With lots to look forward to in the coming weeks and months, I can’t help but imagine what giants might be roaming the nearby crop fields this summer. Below are a few pictures of the best bucks I saw last summer and I’m hoping I’ll get lucky enough to see a couple on par with these big boys in 2012!

Have you been seing any bucks with impressive early growth yet?