There’s nothing like pulling a trailcam card and seeing lots of antlers – especially after a long winter/spring without seeing any! I finally put out my trailcams for the summer with some mineral and BB2 in front of them last week, and after only 3 short days I swung over to one camera while working on a food plot. To my surprise, in that quick time period a whole posse of bucks found my camera and started hitting the spot hard! If I’m counting correctly, I had around 6-8 unique bucks and probably more than half of my deer pictures were of these bucks. Gotta love that. None of thems look like giants this year, but the one pictured above has some potential to be decent I think! Either way, it sure is fun to see em growing at this early stage of the game and I can’t wait to see how they look a month from now!

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