It’s been a busy week here on the Farm trying to get some food plots done and getting trail cameras out in the woods. Next up is some final stand preparation and a trip this weekend down to Ohio to pull down some old stands and get working on  new properties! Whitetail hunting truly is a 365 day a year endeavor, and I sure do love it! That being said, our Friday Morning Mashup this morning features some great blog posts from the whitetail web that any year round hunter would be interested in.  So check out the articles below and have a great weekend in the wild!

Food Plot Construction Part 2: Property Layout and Location – Some helpful tips on how to carefully choose food plot locations and how to best design them to maximize hunting success!

Understanding Morning Whitetail Hunting – Bowhunting Wild Food: A great post from our newest contributor, Chris Eberhart, on his personal blog – diving into the the details of morning hunting success.

Guest Blog: Kip Adams Addresses Our QDM Poll – Whitetail 365: Kip Adams of the Quality Deer Management Association responds to a recent poll on Field & Stream that showed that 35% of respondents loved QDM, 25% hated it, and 39% were on the fence. As always, Kip does a great job of clearing up misconceptions about QDM and in my opinion makes a great case for it’s place in the whitetail hunting community.

Whitetail Habitat: Early Fruit Blossoms Killed by Freeze Out – Big Buck Zone: Bad news for whitetails this summer, as soft mass production seems to have been hurt pretty badly by the frosts this spring.

Boone and Crockett: King Buck Will Never Be Reviewed – Deer & Deer Hunting: An interview with Deputy Vice President of the Boone & Crockett club in which he puts the nail in the coffin for the Johnny King Buck. And I quote … “No, it will not be reviewed. It’s a dead issue with Boone and Crockett.”