Happy Friday Nation! Over the past 7 days I’ve been hard at it across Michigan and Ohio pulling trail cameras, moving stands and scouting velvet bucks. And can I just say, life is good! I love this stuff! I know you all do too, and in our Friday Morning Mashup today we’ve got a little something for everyone. A couple great archery articles, some interesting hunting strategies and thoughts on hipsters and hunting! Enjoy the articles, have a great weekend, get outdoors and get ready! Hunting season is quickly approaching…

How An Arrow Kills – Bowhunting Wild Food: A detailed and well explained analysis of how an arrow kills big game and a discussion of the bow & arrows merits as a hunting device. Very interesting stuff!

One Exercise To Improve Your Bowhunting Accuracy – Sole Adventure: A great idea from Mark Huelsing for curing those pesky archery “glitches” that we sometimes get in our shots.

Deer Scene Investigation – How To Triangulate Deer Location with Trail Cameras – Big Buck Zone: This is the beginning of a very neat video series from Neil Dougherty of NorthCountry Whitetails, in which he discusses a property, the layout, compostition, etc and then discusses a certain deer and hunt that occured there. He then breaks down what went right and what all led to the kill. Watch Part 1 by clicking the first link, and then learn more about the trail camera tactics by clicking this link.

Rub Lines and Hunting Success Part 1 – QDMA.com: A nice piece diving into research regarding rub lines, and how an understanding of them can help you as a hunter and habitat manager.

On Hipsters and Hunting – Brow Tines and Backstrap: A smug NYC hipster wrote a recent piece on the popular blog Buzzfeed titled “23 Things You Do At Cabelas” – in which he mostly poked fun, in a round about, at hunters and our way of life. Will Brantley of Realtree had a few words for him.