I feel like I’m 8 years old again. Every time my mom took me to the mall in the late fall, we walked by the store fronts and I stared longingly at the toy exhibits, the new action figures, the infamous BB gun. All so close, yet Christmas was still so far away. Every passing weekend saw more and more toys lined up for display, and I chewed at the bit just waiting til the big day…

Now as a grown man, I can’t say I act too much differently. The object of my desire is now a big midwest whitetail – and rather than the mall, I’m scouting bean fields, patiently awaiting hunting season. But other than that, I guess I’m still the same over excited kid! And boy am I getting pumped. Tonight a new tease for the hunting season was put in  front of me, as I spotted the first really good bachelor group of bucks I’ve seen this year on a property I hunt. Of the seven or eight bucks, two will definitely be shooters and another two will be border line. In particular a tall brow tined, wide 8 pointer and nice 10 pointer really got me excited. With a little bit of luck, maybe these two dandy Michigan bucks will stick around til fall!

But I digress … The real reason you’re reading is to see the top whitetail blog posts from across the web this week. So I will oblige! Read on for your Friday Morning Mashup! And Happy Friday!

Mineral Sites for Deer: Instant Attraction – Deer & Deer Hunting: Get some handy info on mineral sites – which are particularly important this time of year to help get trailcam pictures.

DSI: A Spot-and-Stalk Whitetail Hunt – Big Buck Zone: As you might have seen last week on our Mashup, Outdoor Life is producing a short video series highlighting (in detail) successful whitetail hunts and what factors contributed to the kill. It’s well done and very interesting stuff. This week, we get to dissect the success of a spot and stalk hunt!

Budget Bow: An Astoundingly Good Bear for Under $300 – Whitetail365: Dave Hurteau of Field & Stream raves about this Bear Archery bow that seems to deliver quite a punch at a small price tag. I think this is an important reminder to a lot of hunters – you don’t always need to go out and buy the most expensive fancy new bow. There are plenty of great bows, at more economic prices and it seems like the Bear Encounter is a great example of that!

Rub Lines and Hunting Success: Part 2 – QDMA.com: Part 2 of this interesting series on rub lines and how they can effect your hunting and habitat management plans. Topography is studied in this piece as well, and I think it brings home some interesting insights on how you can learn from and leverage rubs!

Why Running Makes You A Better Hunter – Bowhunting Wild Food: Chris Eberhart explains why running can make us better hunters by examining the physical, mental and philosophical benefits of hitting the pavement!