For those looking to dip their toes into the food plot world, a new and improved resource is now available at the click of your mouse! The Whitetail Institute of North America, my food plot seed supplier of choice, has just launched a brand new and much, much improved website. Admittedly their old site was somewhat lacking to say the least, but that’s no longer the case! Not only can you purchase and learn about all of Whitetail Institute’s food plot products, but you now have access to a lot of great food plot resources. I’m a big fan of hunting companies that are doing this. Yea, seeing a brand’s products is all well and good. But if a company can deliver me value, just as a resource, I’m much more likely to be interested in their products. That being said, I’m glad to see this even more so from WINA.

Whitetail Institute now has a back log of tons of food plot related articles that are now easily accessible, as well as prior issues of their Whitetail News magazine in digital form! Additionally you can check out easy how to guides on the basics of food plotting, how/when to plant certain forages and plenty more. So if you’re looking for a few more good tips on food plots, I’d definitely suggest checking out the new Whitetail Institute site. I’m certainly excited to explore it more myself!

Check out the new Whitetail Institute of North America website here