As we get deeper into the dog days of summer, I thought we might provide you with a little prepatory reading list. Over the years we’ve written a ton about the various tasks that can be done in the summer to help prepare yourself for the upcoming season. So today, I wanted to bring a few of those back to the top of the pile for you to revisit. Before you know it, fall will be creeping up – so make sure you’re getting on that hunting prep to-do list sooner than later!

Gaining Access To New Hunting Land: Corey Fall, AKA “Doc”, gives us a great rundown of his strategies for acquiring land access. Trust me – he’s good!

Practicing With Your Bow For The Real World: In this article I run through a variety of tactics I use to simulate real life situations in my bow practice sessions. Getting out of the usual stand and shoot from 20 yd practice regimen is a key to preparing for the real deal.

4 Easy Steps To A Successful Fall Hunting Food Plot: We’re getting closer to prime time for planting fall plots, so start planning now. Here are 4 key steps to making one of these plots work for you.

The Perfect Early Season Stand: Nows the time to be hanging your stands as well – and here are some key things to remember when looking for the perfect early season stand.