From the great state of New York comes today’s “Shoot or Don’t Shoot” buck. This deer, estimated to be a 3.5 yr old, was photographed in upstate New York during the fall of 2011 by Justin Klee. This area is heavily pressured and public land is nearby. According to Justin, the property this buck was pictured on is a safe haven for many of those deer fleeing the public ground pressure. That being said, I imagine that this is a pretty decent 8 pointer for the area based on the pressure and what I’ve heard about most hunting in Upstate New York.

So the question now is – would you shoot this buck if he walked in front of you as he appears in this picture? Would you pull the trigger or let him have another year…

Answer in our poll below and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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Note – you can follow Justin and the whitetails he’s chasing in 2012 on his “Outdoor Pride” facebook page