By Mark Kenyon

As many of you know, I recently returned from a 10 day trip out to Wyoming where I camped hiked and backpacked across a number of different mountain ranges and National Parks. And if any of you have ever been there as well, I imagine you can relate to my renewed desire to get back to the mountains soon to chase elk, mule deer or some other western big game. The animals, the scenery and challenge are truly one of a kind out there.

That being said, with my blood currently boiling to head west again, I just had to share with you news of “Searching For West”. This is a new film coming from our friend Mark Seacat and Sitka Gear, following Mark on his 2011 elk season in absolute visual grandeur. If you watch this trailer and don’t want to immediately drop your things and head west, I’d be concerned about your health. It looks like a truly incredible film and a very special hunting season as well. Check out the trailer below and for more information visit

I’m of course a 365 day a year whitetail freak, but I think I may need to plan a 7 or 14 day break from that soon to head west and chase something new!