In my first week back from our Wyoming vacation, it’s been a whirlwind of action back here in the Midwest. My first article was published, I got some big news about my out of state hunting plans AND I got engaged on my vacation as well!

All that being said, it’s now back to the grind and with the summer already half way done it’s really time to start getting ready for the season! I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me. In the mean time though, there’s plenty of good whitetail reading to sink your teeth into. Read on for some of the weeks best big buck blog posts from across the web!

Second Shift Midday Bowhunting for Whitetails – B0whunting Wild Food: Chris Eberhart discusses the merits of hunting the mid-day and some helpful tips for making the most of this timeframe.

Beating Target Panic This Summer For Better Shooting This Fall – Meitin’s Bow Blog: Some helpful advice on controlling target panic – a major issue for many bowhunters!

In Defense of Food Plots: A Response to the Whiners and Bait Bashers – Big Buck Zone: Craig Dougherty explains the benefits of food plots and why he is a strong advocate for their use.

A Buck Named Sweetness – A great video/story from Todd Graff of about an incredible 200 class Illinois buck killed last year named “Sweetness”.

Why Permanent Stands On Public Land Should Be Illegal – Brow Tines and Backstrap: There has recently been a bunch of press about some issues with public land in Minnesota being negatively impacted by huge permanent man made blinds, mega shooting lanes and food plots. All created on public land! Will Brantley discusses his thoughts on all of this.