It’s official. A dream of mine will finally be coming true this fall – I’ll be hunting Iowa. In my third year of applying, I was fortunate enough to pull the much prized Iowa archery tag. And with that in mind, the planning has begun.

Two of my pals and Wired To Hunt Pro-staffers live in Iowa, so I’ll be joining them when I head out to the land of giants this fall. In the mean time, it’s been exciting getting frequent trail camera updates from the guys. Even with the super dry conditions, there still seem to be plenty of big bucks to be had. But as much fun as it is to see camera updates, I still can’t wait to get my own two feet on Iowa dirt – so next weekend I’ll be heading out cross country to get things started. We’ll be hanging stands and trail cameras, scouting out farms, and hopefully filming some giant Iowa velvet bucks.

Until then, I guess I’ll be stuck dreaming for a few more weeks about those corn fed monster whitetails. But at least that dream is a little closer to fruition than it was a few short days ago.

Above and below are pictures of a few of the Iowa bucks that Ross, Peter and I will be chasing!