By Mark Kenyon

 My plans yesterday to spray food plots were unfortunately canceled – but the reason for this, is one that I’m very excited about. We had rain! For what seems like the first time in months, we had a full day of rain. It was very much needed, as I know it is in many parts of the country, and hopefully this is the beginning of more rain to come over the coming weeks! A rainy end of summer would definitely be a good thing for deer, crops and food plots.

And with this little bit of good news, we head into the final weeks of summer, with the light at the end of the tunnel growing ever brighter. As we get closer and closer, make sure you’re staying up to speed on the latest strategies and ideas to help you close the deal on your monster buck this fall. To help you on that course, we’ve highlighted a handful of great whitetail blog posts from across the web this week! Enjoy and happy Friday!

Unforgettable Hunts – The Premonition Buck – Public Land – Bowhunting Wild Food: Chris Eberhart takes us back to especially memorable and succesful hunt on public land in North Dakota.

Wind Wise  – Dreams To Reality: Dan Perez of Whitetail Properties shares his thoughts on wind direction and properly using it in hunting situations.

Acorns and Patterning Bucks – Growing Deer TV Blog: Now is the time to determine where the acorn hot spots will be this fall, and Dr. Grant Woods tells us how we can do that.

How to Choose a Broadhead: Points to Consider – A great post form, detailing different types of broadheads and why you may or may not want to use them this fall!

Kip’s Korner: Start a QDM Cooperative – If you’re looking to improve the quality of deer in your hunting area, but don’t own a lot of land a QDM co-op may just be the solution you’re looking for. Kip Adams of the QDMA walks us through what a cooperative is and how you can go about setting one up.