By Mark Kenyon

If you’ve been following the latest season of Heartland Bowhunter TV, you may have seen a familiar logo on the newest episode. That would be the Wired To Hunt logo! My pal Mike Hunsucker sported his black Wired To Hunt trucker hat during the show interviews, and I gotta say it looks pretty dang good on TV! So if you haven’t been watching HB this year, here’s one more good reason to check it out! (Not to mention the big ole Midwest whitetails that will be hitting the ground in the upcoming episodes). You can watch the aforementioned episode by clicking the following link… HB Season 5 – Sandhills

Also – if you want to be “just like Mike”, you can buy your own Wired To Hunt Trucker hat for $15 by clicking on the link below!

Wired To Hunt Trucker Hats